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Fresh Coast Market

Business Owner

My wife and I purchased Fieldstone Market in 2017 and have since transitioned the market from a run down convenience store to a National Award Winning Specialty Food Market.  After the second year of implementation, we changed name to Fresh Coast Market to better represent our new format.  In the first 5 years, we doubled sales, and since purchasing our business, we went from 12 employees to over 60!  We have almost doubled pay, added health care, vacation pay, free YMCA memberships and much more to create a world class culture.  We have a 5 Star rating on Glassdoor and had a national article written on our store on how we take such great care of our team members.  In 2021 we launched a world class mobile app and completely transformed the market.  We have been featured in almost 2 dozen media stories touting our business over the last 5 years.  We also worked with a local youth program to train and employ special needs young adults.  We have increased sales every year we have owned the business and we are poised for rapid growth in our proposed new state of the art building projected for he next 12-14 months.  2022 was a record setting year for profitability and 2023 is on a great start!  Below is a highlight video that we produced to give a brief overview of our year!  

2022 Promo Video

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My Story

My passion is Leadership.  With over 25 years in Leadership, I have led teams large and small from large Fortune 500 teams to our own small business.  In our current business, I lead every aspect of the business from marketing, to technology, human resources to product development.  I love building great teams and have done this successfully in every leadership roll I have been in during my career.  I am great at selecting the best talent and creating a winning culture in teams.  I love technology and project management.  I love working with and leading great teams.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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